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2001: a space odyssey

The Minehead Event

Courtesy of Dennis Gilliam

In 1992 an event was held in Arthur C. Clarke's hometown of Minehead in the West Country of England to celebrate his achievements. An exhibition was organised which featured artworks, models and Scifi memorabilia related to his works over the years.

Piers Bizony and Simon Atkinson were at that time attempting to get their book project '2001: filming the future' off the ground and were invited by Fred Clarke (ACC's brother and event organiser) to set up a display to promote the book. Some funding was obtained from the 3M company.

Simon and Piers were thrilled to be joined by 2001:a space odyssey Production Designer Harry Lange who provided several of his original artworks and photographs from his collection. A great deal of help and support came from US Aerospace Engineer and 2001 memorabilia collector Dennis Gilliam who travelled at his own expense from California in order that the display include the original helmet worn by Keir Dullea as astronaut Dave Bowman.

During the evening a special showing of 2001: a space odyssey was arranged to be followed by a Q&A session which featured Arthur C.Clarke, Gentry Lee,Heather Couper and Harry lange amongst others.

Special thanks to Mat Irvine & Dennis Gilliam for the use of their original photographs in this section - please note that these are copyright and must not be copied without permission of the copyright holders.

The setting for the event were these group of buildings tucked away in a sidestreet of Minehead. (Photograph courtesy of Dennis Gilliam)

Simon Atkinson and Piers Bizony with their '2001: Filming the Future' display prior to the beginning of the event. Between them is the original helmet worn by Keir Dullea from the collection of Dennis Gilliam. (Photo courtesy: Dennis Gilliam)

Later in the day, a huge crowd had assembled to see Arthur C. Clarke arrive at the event. He is seen here cutting the ribbon at the entrance. (Photograph by Simon Atkinson)

At the time of his visit Arthur C. Clarke was recovering from an illness and as a result spent some of his time in a wheelchair, he is seen here in discussion with Piers Bizony just after his arrival. (Photograph by Simon Atkinson)

In a room specially constructed to recreate Arthu C. Clarke's writing room Simon & Piers presented him with an early rendering of the EVA Pod produced by Simon prior to the final artworks seen in the final book. More information and detail on this illustration can be seen here

The 2001: Filming The Future display in more detail: Several of Simon's working artworks were featured alongside simulated book pages which Piers had prepared. Movie frame blowups were courtesy of Dennis Gilliam , as was the helmet. (photograph courtesy: Dennis Gilliam)

2001 Production Designer, the late Harry Lange poses with the helmet which he had designed for the movie, Based on the 'Deerstalker' styling. Harry was a pivotal contact in the development of 2001: Filming The Future allowing access to all of his original artworks and concepts and contacts. He is greatly missed by all. (Photograph by Dennis Gilliam)

After some persuasion Harry agreed to don his iconic helmet. The recesses at the rear are locations for 'Information Modules' Harry's concept being that different modules would be clipped into place depending on mission requirements. (photo by Simon Atkinson)

Harry - sitting behind is his delightful wife Daisy Lange who had made Simon and Piers so welcome during their numerous visits to the Lange's London home. (photo by Simon Atkinson)

Dennis Gilliam poses with his prized 2001 helmet. beautifully restored by him to its original glory and still retaining one of the rear modules. Dennis had travelled from California at his own expense to attend the event and allow Piers and Simon to use the helmet as part of their display. Dennis is an Aerospace Engineer, spacesuit expert and 2001 collector. The helmet, and all the others seen in the movie, was originally made by Laurie Barr's Mastermodels company in London. (photograph by Simon Atkinson)

Harry Lange, Piers Bizony and Dennis Gilliam in discussion (Photo by Simon Atkinson)

Arthur C. Clarke and his delightful brother Fred Clarke. (photograph courtesy of mat Irvine)

Simon Atkinson during setting up of the display. (Photo courtesy: Dennis Gilliam)

Photograph courtesy of Mat Irvine

Simon's original Pod artwork prior to presentation to Arthur C. Clarke. During the previous year this artwork had been used as a 'calling card' to generate interest from the surviving members of the production crew of 2001: A Space Odyssey. (Photo courtesy: Dennis Gilliam)

To be compared with Simon's revised Pod front elevation artwork which was used for the book and featured greatly improved accuracy and detailing. The Original artwork of the Side Elevation of the pod is now available for sale - the last of Simon's original '2001: filming the future' illustrations to be made available to the collector. For more information click HERE

A small section of the elaborate model display which was a popular feature of the exhibition. This was single-handedly set up by BBC effects modelmaker and author Mat Irvine. (photo by Simon Atkinson)

Arthur C. Clarke poses beside Mat Irvine's model Display (photograph courtesy of Mat Irvine)

BBC Special Effects Modelmaker, Author and Space Expert Mat Irvine holding Dave Bowman's helmet in front of The FILMING THE FUTURE display. Mat's website can be accessed through the links page.( Photograph courtesy of Mat Irvine)

Friend and co-author on the RAMA series of books Gentry Lee presenting an original artwork to Arthur C. Clarke (Photograph by Simon Atkinson) 

More of the displays (Photograph courtesy of Dennis Gilliam.)

Following a viewing of 2001: a space odyssey an evening Q&A session was held, hosted by Astronomer Heather Couper. Arthur C, Clarke is seen here in discussion and at the end of the table NASA engineer and author Gentry Lee. ( photograph courtesy of Mat Irvine)

Harry lange and Arthur C. Clarke share a humourous story of their time working with Stanley Kubrick on 2001: a space odyssey. ( photograph courtesy of Mat Irvine)

Arthur C. Clarke, Dennis Gilliam and Piers Bizony. (photograph courtesy of Dennis Gilliam)

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