Restoring The London

Image courtesy of Mat Irvine

Originally built by Simon Atkinson for the BBC TV series BLAKE'S 7 over 40 years ago, The London spacecraft featured in the first two episodes and in subsequent appearances, although altered to represent other vehicles.

In recent years the condition of the model has deteriorated severely and is now set to be fully restored to its original 'as built' condition.

Over the next months please check back for updates on progress.

Anyone who has photographs of the model as originally filmed would be welcome to submit to assist in the project.

Image : Collection of Andy Spencer

Photo survey of existing model...


The model is first fully documented and measured to enable accurate recreation of missing elements. Drawing underway on Coreldraw.

Drawing progress 08/11/2018

Underside view with various previously deleted details added in.


With drawings completed the refurbishment is underway. The first stage has been to assess the various parts to see which elements will need to be replaced to return the model to original condition. 

The rear section of the LONDON has been severely damaged and repaired over the years and many panels cracked. The main replacement required is the port rear wing which has cracked following a fall and had been reglued.

Paint applied over styrene detail sections is lifting and will need to be removed prior to reassembly.

To be continued.......