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Modelling The Talyllyn Railway 

Talyllyn Railway Coaches 9,10,11 & 12

To accompany the 1:15 scale Talyllyn 'Douglas' model, four coaches are under construction based on the railway's standard type coaches. No's 9 ,10 ,11,12 with be in full TR livery of brown with red paneling.

Following a visit to the Talyllyn where coaches No 9 and 10 were measured and photographed - this set of drawings were prepared on Coreldraw. From these master drawings various elements of the coaches were cut out by laser cutter with etched detail showing the position of the beading.

the beading was added using 1/2 round 2mm styrene strip supplied by Evergreen Plastics.

The following series of photographs show the stages of construction including laminating the 2mm thick outer and inner sides with a 1mm clear acylic section sandwiched in between to provide the glazing.

With all of the sides and ends laminated the body of the carriage is assembled - the final beaded panels were left un-detailed to allow for cleaning up the joints between the sides and ends.

The windows are then masked over with Tamiya masking tape to allow for spraying later.

The coach bodies and underframes are sprayed in primer, following which the interiors are assembled.

The roof construction consists of a 1mm acrylic layer with roof planking detail etched into the surface. This is taped in position over the roof supports, then fixed with solvent through the pre cut access holes. The final roof surface is achieved using 1mm HIP styrene sections, pre-curled and fixed with solvent.

Once cleaned up and sanded smooth, gutters are applied to the carriage sides and rain strips applied.

Hand made decal artwork - produced on Coreldraw. Printed on white backed laserjet decal paper and sealed with Halfords gloss lacquer

Seats are shaped from Tooling Board - sprayed and fitted into No 9 and 10

Electrical connectors and cabling fitted.

Interior information boards photocopied from images supplied by Stephen Thorpe at the TR

Figure painted by Chris Miller

No 10 Guards area completed.

Open Coaches 11 & 12

Open coaches 11 and 12 share the same underframe and these were built in acrylic sheet following drawing on Coreldraw. The upper sections of the two coaches were built from different materials - No 11 in styrene and No 12 acrylic sheet.

No 12 is all acrylic construction with Styrene detailing and outer roof sheets.

The initial stages of building the paneling for No 11 - this time in HIP Styrene sheet.

Inner roof section is laser cut in 1mm acrylic to provide planking detail and a solid lower lamination for the roof structure. This is then clad in pre-curled 1mm styrene to provide a rigid and stable curved structure.

Both bodies primed in Halfords Plastic Primer

The lower panel red colour for the interior and lower panels has been sprayed, dried and masked ready for the spraying of the TR Brown

Decals are applied and sealed with Halfords Satin Clear Coat

Door handles and electrical cabling and connectors painted and fitted.

The Talyllyn 'Opens' No 11 and 12 are now completed.

Douglas arriving at Dolgoch Station.

To be continued with 'The Corris' - TR No 17 !

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